Business concept

Meditron ASA is a technology company, which shall develop products toward the medical field but also into other business fields. The company shall build and further develop its core know how through own research and development, and based upon this further develop its core technologies. The company shall be a profitable player, which has the ability to invent and develop new innovative products to the market, in cooperation with established companies with special competence within relevant fields, or in cooperation with its own daughter companies or established partners.

Main goals
Commercialize the developed and patented products
Become one of the leading suppliers of sensor-based stethoscopes to the world market

Meditron is using a differentiate/focus strategy. We develop and sell products with unique features in focused markets. Prices on our products shall reflect the added value we offer the user.
Based on this strategy Meditron shall:

  • Continue to develop our core technology for new applications, products, and markets
  • Utilize external production capacity
  • Distribute our products to the world market through well-known distribution companies
  • Continuously evaluate alliances etc. to maximize shareholder values