The company
Meditron ASA is the only company in the world which has succeeded in breaking through the technological barrier that has thwarted researchers since the 1950s, when the first electronic stethoscopes were introduced. Our unique, patented sensor-technology moss®, has been developed in close cooperation with medical expertise in Norway and high-tech environments worldwide. This cooperation has resulted in a new generation of innovative, auscultation products, with proven benefits over existing auscultation products. The Meditron Stethoscope provides the practitioners with numerous benefits over all other stethoscopes as it provides exceptional sound quality in all frequency areas - without the irritating ambient noises other sensor-based stethoscopes produce.
Meditron ASA long term objective is to continue to develop auscultation equipment with proven benefits over existing auscultation equipment, both to improve patient monitoring and to help practitioners to pick up body sounds with true clinical value. Hopefully, this will make the diagnostic process more safe and effective.
The Meditron Stethoscope System allows health service personnel to listen to, analyze, and communicate body sounds with clarity, strength and precision.