The Meditron M30
Cardiology Quality rizk for Less!

New Study: May heart murmurs be assessed by telemedicine?
English summary here .       Complete study in Norwegian here.

The Meditron M30

A new, small and light-weight stethoscope
30 times amplification of the best conventional stethoscope
Multi-functional on/off button with light indicator, timer function, volume control Mobilbet and sound enhancement filters:
     20-420 Hz
350-1900 Hz
New patented rotatable earpiece design
Connectable to PC
Meditron Stethoscope System
The Meditron Stethoscopes System is a unique stethoscope system for Auscultation, Interactive Teaching and Documentation of Body-Sounds.

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28.01.05 Protokoll fra ekstraordinær generalforsamling
21.01.05 Redegjørelse til aksjonærene
21.01.05 Q3 Report 2004
28.09.04 Q2 Report 2004
05.05.04 Q1 Report 2004