Cardiology Quality for Less
Meditron Stethoscopes introduces the Meditron M30 a new, more compact, light-weight (175 g) and smaller version of the prize awarded Meditron Strethoscope.
Multi-functional on/off button with:

-  light indicator
-  3 min. timer function
-  digital volume control up to 93 db
-  sound enhancement filters

Sound enhancement Filters
The Meditron M30 gives you a 30 times amplification of sound, compared with the best acoustic stethoscope.

Frequency range :
Listening area is 20 – 20.000 Hz
Switch for two predefined frequency settings,

Sound enhancement filters :
  frequencies 20 – 420 Hz
 frequencies 350 – 1900 Hz

Connectable to PC
trough a jack-plug or the Meditron Analyzer ECG for sound recordings, visualization, documentation and telemedicine (phono with ECG).

New patented rotatable ear-piece design you can rotate the ear-pieces to your own comfort.

Only one battery with approx. 200 hours lifetime and audio signal when 10 hours remain (battery alarm)

One year warranty