The Meditron Analyzer ECG

PC based Auscultation

(PCG's with ECG):

  • Hearing, visualizing and documenting
  • Connect to patient journal
  • Telemedicine
  • Easy-to-use


Be smart - Document your findings!

With the Meditron Analyzer ECG you can safely and effectively record heart and lung sounds onto your PC. This is revolutionary. It will help you to detect the sounds that are present at early stages of functional and infectious diseases better. Being able to "see what you hear and save what you see" will improve your diagnostic work significantly.
Visualize and document your findings - secure your work and become a better practitioner.

The Meditron Analyzer ECG combines ECG signals with heart tones
ECG in conjunction with PCG (phono) synchronizes the heart cycle.
This is an important feature in order to distinguish systole S1 from diastole S2 (with many heart rhythms this can be very difficult in a visual diagram without the ECG).
Early diagnosis - Better prognosis
Being able to visualize heart murmurs and other abnormalities which you normally can not hear, can help you to make better and earlier diagnosis, and thereby give your patient a better prognosis. Logically, many murmurs and cardiac events are much easier to diagnose when you can add the visual aspect. I.e diastolic murmurs, splitting of heart sounds, variations in amplitude and innocent murmurs in children.
Be smart - document your findings!!