The Essentials of Auscultation
The Meditron Stethoscopes is based on innovative, patented sensor technology, and outperforms all other stethoscopes both in prize awarded design and sound quality.

Its sensor technology gives you the freedom to perform auscultation under the most demanding situations or in your office as usual. Listen through clothes, bandages, thick fatty tissue or fur, and still hear more and more accurately than before.

Foremost, the Meditron Stethoscopes has revolutionized the way doctors and vets can perform auscultation in their practices. Hearing, visualizing and documenting auscultation findings are now possible, with the touch of a button.

Early Diagnosis - Better Prognosis

Use the Meditron Stethoscopes, and improve your auscultation skills. Hear sounds that are present at early stages in infectious and functional diseases. This will increase your chances of making earlier and more correct diagnoses, and thereby improve your patient's prognosis.

Document your findings, analyze them and view them as PCG's with ECG on your PC. This will reduce uncertainty, save time and secure your work.

A second opinion is also only a touch away, due to a special e-mail function in the Meditron Analyzer ECG software.

Unique Features
  • Exceptional Sound Quality
  • 3 predefined frequency settings - tune into the sounds you wish to focus on.
    • Heart 20-600 Hz
    • Lung 200 20 000 Hz
    • Extended frequency setting 20-20 000 Hz

  • Amplification of sound up to 30 times greater than conventional stethoscopes
  • Connectable to PC for hearing, visualizing and documenting auscultation findings
  • On/off button with timer function (3 min.)
  • Adjustable ear plugs
  • 2 Batteries - lifetime 200 hours 2-4 years normal usage)
  • Price awarded design.