The Meditron Stethoscopes System

The Meditron Stethoscopes System is a product concept built around our main product, The Meditron Stethoscopes, and has been developed through several years of cooperation with medical and high-tech environments worldwide. It includes:

  • The Meditron Stethoscopes - Exceptional sound quality
  • The Meditron M30 - Exceptional Sound Quality
  • The Meditron Analyzer - PC based auscultation
  • The Meditron Distributor - Interactive teaching
The Meditron Stethoscopes System will help the practitioners to detect and hear difficult body sounds and murmurs better. Patients will benefit from doctors' increased ability to make an earlier and maybe more correct diagnosis.
Auscultation has had a glorious past. With the combination of proper auscultation equipment, knowledge and skill, auscultation might have a glorious future as well.