The Meditron Technology
The sensor which is incorporated in The Meditron Stethoscope, has an extended frequency pick-up range (20 -20 000Hz), and amplifies sound without extraneous and disturbing electronic noise. The practitioners can now hear more, and more accurately.
This patented and prize-awarded sensor-technology is a breakthrough in the science of sound. The innovation has broken through a technological barrier that has thwarted researchers since the 1950s, when the first sensor-based stethoscopes were introduced. Derived from other industries such as offshore oil drilling, the technology has now been successfully applied to medicine. Auscultation has now made its long-awaited leap forward. The practitioner can hear superbly well with The Meditron Stethoscope even through thick fatty tissue or clothes.
Computer power and auscultation is combined at last!

The Meditron Stethoscopes System includes:

  • The Meditron Stethoscopes for picking up body sounds in all frequency ranges (20 - 20 000 Hz)
  • Analytical software The Meditron Analyzer for a phono-cardiographic view
  • A portable unit The Meditron Distributor for co-listening